BMI Group

Formed from the combination of industry leaders, Braas Monier and Icopal, BMI Group is the largest roofing and waterproofing company in Europe, with a significant presence in Asia and Africa.

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Building the Future Together

When we brought the rich histories of Braas Monier and Icopal together, we created a unique industry leader with the highest-quality roofing and waterproofing solutions. We’re always looking to the future to develop practical, leading-edge, and sustainable products.

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    Manufacturing Plants
Planting a Roof

Environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Our green roofing systems are changing cityscapes across the world.

Seamless Solar

We’re committed to sustainable solutions with real-world applications. Our In-Roof Solar Systems fit perfectly into the roof for a sleek style that harnesses energy from the sun without compromising the beauty of your home.

Cool Roofing

Our Cool Roof Initiative reduces energy consumption and improves comfort with optimized thermal performance, heat reflection, and improved ventilation. The result is a greener, cooler home at a lower cost.

Our Brands

Come Work for BMI

We are always hiring talented people with a strong vision of our industry’s future. We invest in the long-term success of our employees, developing their skills and education while creating an environment that thrives on innovation and brilliant ideas.