Constant Curiosity

We are always in pursuit of innovation. Perpetually questioning industry norms and removing real-world limitations with technology solutions.

We passionately pursue the future of our industry. Creating better technology with practical applications.

Our advanced products—like our lightweight tiles, solar reflective granules, and bitumen membrane waterproofing—reduce waste, lower prices, and speed up installation time. It opens new possibilities for design and customization. There’s nothing better than taking a groundbreaking idea like our lightweight green roofing solution for New York City’s famed Javits Center from inception to practical application, and seeing it benefit the environment in unexpected ways.

Embracing Change

Our innovation labs are always looking to the future. Through extensive research and development, we are improving existing solutions and solving problems you didn’t even know you had.

Reality Check

We test for quality and endurance before putting our products into action. New ideas are exciting, but they’re only a true breakthrough if they can be put to practical use.

Tools of the Trade

Our advanced technology offers customers and contractors better options. From installation and customization to upkeep and prevention, we make our technology readily available and easily installed. Like RFID chips that offer real-time fault-recognition in waterproofing and alert the contractor. Or our algae-resistant shingles that make streaking damage a thing of the past.

Modern Manufacturing

We are constantly advancing the way we source material and manufacture products. By strategically placing factories across the globe, we are actively reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing our carbon footprint, all while producing a better product.