Every year we subject up to 150 of our products to a slew of tests simulating wind and rain conditions around the world. These tests exemplify some of the high quality standards that drive our manufacturing process. We work every day to elevate these measures to ensure we continue supplying top-tier product with superior performance capabilities.

In 2008, we relocated a 35 ton wind tunnel from Crawley in the United Kingdom to Heusenstamm, Germany. The machine allows us to explore and analyze the durability and longevity of concrete and clay tiles under extreme conditions. We can account for different roof elevations, precipitation, and wind velocity, allowing us to test our products and see how long they will last in the real world.

Once we establish our materials’ performance across wind tunnel functionality and aging benchmarks, we devise parameters around installing the products. We then apply the data from our testswith the goal of improving our product lineup and the value we deliver to customers.

Wind Tunnel