At Standard we’re all about protecting the things that matter most and preserving the planet for future generations. We take this responsibility seriously. We found a way to transform many of our industrial byproducts into a resource that propels a more sustainable future for everyone… asphalt.

Widely considered one of America’s most recycled materials, asphalt is unique in that it can be recycled indefinitely. And since it can be found everywhere, from old roads, parking lots, driveways, to roof shingles, it’s a plentiful resource that keeps on giving. The composition of recycled asphalt shingles makes pavement stronger and more durable than new asphalt, so when we saw an opportunity to divert waste from landfills to help make stronger pavement, we introduced our Certified Green Roofer Program to encourage roofing contractors to recycle asphalt shingles.

The composition of recycled asphalt shingles can make pavement stronger and more durable than new asphalt.

As a member of the sustainability team at GAF, Marty Grohman wasn’t satisfied with only resurfacing highways. In an effort to divert as much of the 11 million tons of asphalt singles discarded annually from landfills, Marty looked no further than his own home to find the perfect test: a residential driveway.

Winters in Maine, where Marty lives, are tough on asphalt driveways. Ice, melting snow, blizzards, and low temperatures push the durability of the material to its limits. Marty knew that his driveway was the perfect place to test pavement incorporating recycled asphalt shingles firsthand. He worked with GAF contractors to source discarded shingles for the pavers to process and mix into their formula and those shingles were mixed in at a higher ratio than what’s used in our highway program.

As many as 11 million tons of asphalt shingles make their way to landfills each year.

“The project was a huge success,” Marty said. “The paving company saw no difference in the asphalt, except the lower cost and quicker setup time. In fact, the paving company now prefers using the recycled shingle blend.” The new driveway, made with significant amounts of recycled material, passed the ultimate test for asphalt: surviving a fierce winter in Maine without a single crack. Standard Industries and GAF are leading the industry with our Certified Green Roofer Program and support the continued growth of the industry and expansion into new end markets, including recycled asphalt shingles for residential driveways

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