Roof-integrated Solar

Roof-integrated Solar

A family exploring home upgrades turned to GAF Energy for a roof-integrated solar system with reliable installation, long-term protection, and utility bill savings.

Navigating a complex market

As part of a larger remodel in suburban New Jersey, the homeowners were looking for smart home upgrades. They wanted to reduce their energy bills, make a sound financial investment, and do their part for the planet.

With several types of rooftop solar, knowing the best way to proceed can be challenging.

Complete homeowner solution

The owners asked for a low-profile solar system that is integrated into the roof system. GAF Energy installed a 3.7 kW solar kit, offsetting an estimated 50% of the family’s monthly electric bill.

Unlike a typical rack-mounted solar system, the GAF Energy roof-integrated system is ultra sleek and low profile, as it is attached directly to the roofing deck. And the owners can rest easy knowing that their solar is installed by those who know roofs best, promising leak-proof workmanship for decades to come.


  • GAF Energy DecoTech© system is protected by a 25-year warranty.
  • The GAF Energy solar kit will generate an estimated 125,840 kWh of clean electricity over its lifetime.

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