Solar Reinvented

Get peace of mind along with cost savings, sustainability, and elegant design. Our DecoTech®System is protected by a 25-year warranty and always installed by our network of Professional Roofing Installers, who are experts at maintaining your roof’s integrity.

Save on Electricity

Our best-in-class, high-output solar panels produce more electricity than solar roof tiles without the risk of leaks and animal infiltration of a typical rack-mounted system.
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Built-In Protection

Can you trust solar panels? Backed against manufacturing defects, blow-offs and wind damage, the DecoTech® System is as solid as GAF’s best-selling roofs.

Ultra Sleek Sustainability

Now you can go solar and maintain curb appeal. Say goodbye to ugly rack-mounted options with our ultra-sleek, high-performing, integrated system.
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The DecoTech® System is elegantly engineered to provide savings on your electric bill without the bulkiness and added risk of rack-mounted solar panels. Now there’s no need to compromise your home’s appearance or your roof’s durability when going solar.


Find out if DecoTech® is the right solar system for your home

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Together we can offer your customers the sleek solar they want

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