BMI Group launches technology hub in Reading, UK

BMI Group launches technology hub in Reading, UK

January 19, 2019

New technology centre will transform the way roofing and waterproofing solutions are developed and delivered, representing a major step forward in digitising one of the oldest and most important industries.

BMI Group, the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe, today opens its new Technology Hub in Reading.

The Hub marks a multi-million-pound investment in technology and people for BMI and is part of Standard Industries’ global mission to transform the industry.

Rich Robinson, Chief Technology Officer at Standard Industries, parent company of BMI, commented: “Digital transformation is about empowering the customer by taking the friction out of buying a roofing system. The new BMI Technology Hub is part of our commitment to leverage emerging technologies and lead the way in becoming a truly tech-driven building materials and construction company.“

BMI is making a major commitment to accelerate the integration of data and digital capabilities into the manufacturing of high-quality roofing and waterproofing solutions. The company is also deploying machine learning to advance and automate its production and services as well as the development of a competitive, integrated solar roof.

BMI’s significant investments in proprietary technologies continue to enhance the group’s industry-leading roofing and waterproofing solutions and services. They enable BMI to offer innovative platforms that will make identifying, selecting, delivering and installing a roofing system a seamless and integrated process for both the customer and contractor.

Shreyas Mysore, Chief Information Officer of BMI Group, expressed big ambitions for the centre’s growth. “The BMI Technology Hub will grow into a sophisticated centre for technology and IT innovation. We have many exciting opportunities for technologists, and plans to branch into sectors ripe for technological development and disruption.“

BMI chose Reading as a regional powerhouse of IT, technology and research excellence. Located in the Thames Valley “Silicon Corridor,” with excellent transport links to London and deep connections with world-renowned universities, Reading has a first-class tech ecosystem of companies, infrastructure, and talent for BMI to collaborate with.