We’re shaping the future through a modern approach to industrialism

Standard Industries is a global company focused on building materials. Our solutions span continents and categories and are redefining industrialism.

Our businesses range from the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing business to aggregates, insulation and industry changing solar solutions, as well as real estate and investment platforms.

Focused on Innovation

We invest in exceptional talent and take a long-term approach to building businesses. Our companies are leaders in delivering product excellence, exceptional customer experiences and market innovation.

Our Co-CEOs

David Winter and David Millstone: Leading a commitment to sustainable modern industrialism.

At Standard Industries, our values guide everything we do. We empower our people to be agents of innovation. We celebrate both success and learning. We evolve by continuously exploring new ways of thinking and invest heavily in research and development. We connect to deliver excellence. We encourage debate and a collaborative approach. We inspire long-lasting change. We are committed to building a more sustainable world for our communities and future generations.

CEO Perspectives

David Millstone and David
Winter talk about our mission, vision
and values

Our Team

People are our
greatest strength

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Our History

Over 130 years of innovation
and it's only getting better

1886 – Standard Paint Company founded
1892 – Standard creates the first ready-to-lay asphalt roofing product, known as "Ruberoid"
1912 – Standard introduces first individually cut asphalt shingles
1919 – Standard's European pitched roofing business founded as Redhill Tile Company, later renamed Braas Monier, produces the first concrete roof
1923 – SGI commences its first mining operations in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania
1968 – Siplast develops SBS modified bitumen roofing, a rubber-based technology with exceptional flexibility
2001 – GAF's TPO plant in Mt. Vernon, IN is built
2005 – GAF introduces first energy efficient asphalt shingle
2006 – GAF's TPO plant in Gainesville, TX is built
2007 – GAF acquires ElkCorp, a leading residential roofing manufacturer
2010 – GAF introduces solar grade single-ply TPO membranes
2012 – GAF offers first ever lifetime warranty on a full roofing system
2013 – GAF ISO plant in Gainesville, TX is built
2014/15 – GAF TPO/ISO plant in Cedar City, UT is built
2016 – Standard acquires Icopal, a leading pan-European manufacturer of roofing and other waterproofing products
2016 – SGI, a leading aggregates & building company, joins the Standard family
2017 – Standard acquires Braas Monier, a leading manufacturer and supplier of pitched roofing products in Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia