Building New Horizons Within the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry

For over 165 years, BMI has been delivering innovative roofing and waterproofing systems, designed to transform the way we live. Today, BMI Group is the largest manufacturer in the combined flat and pitched roofing market in Europe, with a significant presence in Asia and Africa.

Innovative systems and global reach, backed by years of expertise

We are committed to developing systems that combine technologies, products, components and accessories to meet customer needs

Pitched Roofing Systems

A broad range of concrete, clay and metal tiles, along with lightweight and profile options.

Flat Roofing Systems

High-quality waterproofing systems, ranging from bitumen and synthetic membranes to liquid-applied waterproofing, skylights, smoke ventilation and thermal insulation.

Specialist Applications

Specialist Applications - From design to delivery, our experienced waterproofing teams support a wide range of civil engineering projects for the long term needs of roads, bridges, tunnels and dams.


From trainings, consultancy and online tools to point of sale and installation support, we offer a full range of integrated services.

BMI never stops researching, testing, prototyping and creating innovative new roofing and waterproofing solutions

Our Leadership Team

Thomas Casparie
Claire Hinshelwood
Chief Financial Officer
Eugenio Cecchin
Regional President DACH
Patricia Corbet
Group General Counsel
Viola Ferrario
Regional President West South Europe
Daniel Minney
Regional President UK&I and Nordics
Daniel Pettifer
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Ollie Roberts
Chief HR Officer & Chief Transformation Officer
Orlando Tenorio
Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Martin Vollmer
Chief R&D Officer and Sustainability Officer