GAF Energy Introduces New Super High-Efficiency Panel for Their Roof-Integrated Solar System

GAF Energy Introduces New Super High-Efficiency Panel for Their Roof-Integrated Solar System

New Solaria® Super High-Efficiency Solar Panels Increases Solar Roof Value

March 19, 2020

GAF Energy, North America’s leading provider of roof-integrated solar solutions, today announced the launch of a brand new super high-efficiency solar panel for use with its roof-integrated solar product. The new Solaria® panels are 16 percent more powerful than the previous offering, allowing homeowners to fit more roof-integrated solar capacity in a similar amount of space. Solaria’s innovative cell technology is best-in-class for efficiency and power, giving homeowners a premium option for adding solar to their roof. By increasing solar capacity and production, the new solar panels can increase the long-term value of a GAF Energy solar roof to homeowners.

“Solaria panels are an exciting upgrade to our roof-integrated solar offering. These are top-of-the line solar panels that are not only more powerful, but are sleek, black-on-black to improve the aesthetics of an already beautiful design. These are a premium offering, and nobody else in the market can offer the combination of roof-integrated, high-efficiency solar like GAF Energy,” said Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy. “By increasing the power and efficiency of the solar, we’re able to increase the value of our solar roof for our customers.”

“Solaria’s goal has been to develop a no-compromise solar panel offering superior performance, aesthetics and greater reliability to our customers,” said Suvi Sharma, CEO of Solaria Corporation. “We are pleased to offer that technology to power GAF Energy’s roof-integrated solar offering. This partnership brings two leaders together from the solar and roofing industry to transform passive roofs to solar roofs.”

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About GAF Energy

GAF Energy is transforming the rooftop solar industry to generate “Energy from every roof™”. As a Standard Industries company, GAF Energy works in partnership with North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, GAF, offering homeowners elegant, roof-integrated solar options. The company also facilitates commercial tax equity financing for large scale rooftop solar projects. For more information, visit

About Solaria

Solaria is a US-based solar PV technology and systems company, with a strong track record and 20-year history in solar power innovation and product development. Solaria is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation by building advanced solar panels and fully integrated systems. Using advanced patented technology, proven field performance, and sophisticated automation, Solaria delivers solutions that address a unique set of requirements for residential and commercial solar markets. Solaria headquarters are in California, USA. For more information, please visit