Schiedel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of flue-ducting, integrated stoves and ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings. We create technically advanced, design-driven products that are highly energy efficient and improve the living environment. For more than 70 years, we have provided our customers with trusted, innovative, high quality products and services.

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Heating. Venting. Living.

Schiedel creates technically advanced, design-driven products to improve the living environment. We have over 70 years of experience and provide our customers with trusted, innovative, high quality, energy-efficient chimney, stove and ventilation systems and services for both residential and non-residential buildings. We are Europe's market leader for flue and chimney systems. Our products are safe, intuitive, easy to install and built to last.

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Perfectly matched systems for every building

Our energy-efficient ceramic chimney systems include all types of ceramic flue liners, insulation and matching concrete blocks. Incorporating the latest technology, they provide modern heating and exhaust solutions for both residential and non-residential projects.

Reducing energy costs and increasing value

We work closely with international experts to develop products that meet the highest technical standards and environmental concerns. Our contemporary chimney and ventilation systems reduce energy costs, improve quality of life for our customers, reduce CO2 emissions and can even increase a building’s value. Optimised for quiet operation with a compact design, our Aera Equonic ventilation system improves air quality and provides significant energy efficiency. It achieves heat recovery of up 93% as incoming air is heated with warmer interior air.

Safe solutions that meet the highest standards

The integration of chimney, stove and ventilation reflects developments in legislation and increasing demand for greater convenience and comfort. To meet the highest safety standards, all of our product systems unite intelligent components for optimal performance and reliability.

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With 1,400 employees and subsidiaries in 25 different countries, we have an international working atmosphere with versatile development opportunities.