Basilica Maria Taferl

Basilica Maria Taferl

After a storm damaged one of Austria’s most important churches, BMI supplied specialty tiles to renovate the roof and preserve the historical character of the building.

A damaged treasure

Soaring over the Danube river in Austria, the Basilica Maria Taferl draws 300,000 pilgrims a year. When a hailstorm damaged the roof and soaked the attic in 2013, leaders faced the challenge of replacing the old clay tiles on the massive, steep-pitch roof.

The new roof material needed to match the architectural style of the Basilica’s original construction (1660 – 1710) as well as withstand the severe weather on an exposed hilltop.

Safety and Style

The monument preservation office and parish turned to BMI for a complete roofing solution. They selected the Granat 11V tile, which has a profile characteristic of the time period and clay slurry applied before firing to accentuate its historical appearance. The special structure of the tiles is resistant to weathering and harmful substances.

To ensure safe access to the church for pilgrims and visitors, all of the tiles were fixed with storm clips. New snow guards were installed to the roof as well as a protective system above the entrance.


  • The roof of Basilica Maria Taferl covers 2,000 square meters and reaches a 60-degree pitch.
  • Workers secured by rope installed over 24,000 new BMI tiles.
  • The tile load is over 45 kilograms per square meter — almost 100 tons.