Timberline Solar™ Is Powering the Next Generation of Clean Energy

Timberline Solar™ Is Powering the Next Generation of Clean Energy

With the world’s first-ever nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ , GAF Energy’s new solar roof product promises to drive a seismic shift in clean energy adoption.

GAF Energy has announced the launch of Timberline Solar™, its next-generation solar roof. Timberline Solar™ is the only roof system to directly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials, requiring only a nail gun for installation.
Designed and assembled at GAF Energy’s combined R&D and manufacturing facility in San Jose, California, the new product promises to deliver dramatic growth in residential clean energy adoption.
Pictured: Dr. Gabriela Bunea, Senior Vice Preseident of Research & Development at GAF Energy. The Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ is assembled at GAF Energy’s manufacturing and R&D headquarters in San Jose, CA.

Everything a Roof Does—And More

Standard launched GAF Energy in 2019 with the mission to generate “Energy from every roof™.” Timberline Solar™ is the culmination of over two years of aggressive investment in R&D and product innovation, along with the build out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in California.
The product combines everything customers need in a roof—waterproofing and other protection from the elements—while generating cost-saving clean energy. Its central innovation is the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES), the world’s first nailable solar shingle. Boasting an industry-defying depth of less than ¼ inch, the Timberline Solar ES lies on the same plane as the rest of the roof. This creates a final look that is far sleeker than rack-mounted solar panels, all while offering roughly the same energy efficiency as a traditional solar panel. 
In September 2021, Timberline Solar™ became the first product to achieve UL 7103 certification from UL, the global safety science leader. This certification verifies the product’s safety and reliability and authorizes GAF Energy to install the system on residential roofs as both a roofing product and a solar energy product. In effect, this makes Timberline Solar™ the first true solar roof.
CES awarded Timberline Solar™ its highest honor, the Best of Innovation Award, in “Smart Cities,” in addition to naming it an Innovation Award honoree in both the “Smart Cities” and “Smart Home” categories. It also achieved the Consumer Technology Association’s “Mark of Excellence” award in the Smart Home category. 
Only a nail gun is required to install Timberline Solar™.

Scaling Clean Energy Adoption

By tapping into the expansive national contractor network of GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF Energy has the unparalleled ability to bring this technology to scale. Over five million roofs are installed in the U.S. each year, of which nearly 1 in 4 are GAF roofs. Annually, if even a small percentage of those millions of GAF roofs become solar roofs, adoption of distributed clean energy would increase by orders of magnitude.
Between our national scale and the ease of installation, attractive design and attainability  of Timberline Solar™, clean energy adoption has never been easier for homeowners. With the launch of this product, we’re making “Energy from every roof™” a reality.