Energy Efficiency Meets Brilliance in SGI’s Gen 3 Reflective Granules

Energy Efficiency Meets Brilliance in SGI’s Gen 3 Reflective Granules

Anticipating demand for highly efficient roofing materials, SGI pioneered a new granule combining unprecedented solar reflectivity with deep, rich color and affordability.

Rising standards: a quest for efficiency

As building codes continue to evolve, the roofing industry faces increasing requirements to limit the sun’s heat from penetrating a structure. Early attempts to improve solar reflectivity of roofing granules were limited by high costs and a “washed out” appearance.
In 2016, SGI introduced the innovative Generation 2 Reflective granule. The advance enabled GAF Reflector™ series shingles, with the darkest, richest color options in the market.
Recent legislation proposes raising reflectivity requirements yet again.

Pioneering performance and beauty

To meet anticipated demand, SGI has innovated a novel tri-coating process and multi-layer design. In late 2018, SGI completed the Generation 3 Reflective line, offering higher reflectivity with a full shingle color palette and the darkest black and brown granules.
SGI innovation led to the third generation of GAF Reflector Plus™ series of shingles, which are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council for use in Title 24 projects.


  • SGI launched the first generation SolarShield® granules in 2009.
  • In 2015, Title 24 of the California Building Code required a Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) of 16 for steep-slope roofs.
  • Current proposals in Los Angeles county call for an SRI of 20 on steep-slope roofing.