Standard Philanthropy supports innovative organizations that aim to build a better world. We empower our communities and work to protect the earth and its resources through conservation and restoration efforts.

Restoration of Coastal Communities

We partnered with Conservation International to protect and sustain the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique and the abundance of species, including people, that call it home. Our funding supported the improvement of local fisheries and livelihoods of local communities by reducing the pressure of overfishing and helping to protect over 2,000 native species of fish, birds and reptiles.

Protecting Precious Wildlife & Their Habitats

We partnered with Wildlife Conservation Society to support their Marine Protected Area Fund (MPAS), which works to establish lasting protection for critical marine habitats and threatened marine species across the globe. To date, WCS has been able to create over 550,000 square miles of new marine protected areas, and is working to achieve 1 million square kilometers of new MPAs by 2020. Through this effort, WCS and Standard have worked together towards the protection of wildlife and the conservation of wild places in 21 countries globally.

Protecting the Protectors

We are proud partners with Team Rubicon as they aim to unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need. Through monetary and in-kind donations, as well as lending our expertise and skill, we support the Team Rubicon troops as they help to rebuild communities recovering from disasters.

Disaster Relief & Response

Standard and our operating companies are committed to helping communities rebuild after disaster strikes. Following the three consecutive hurricanes that struck communities across the U.S. and the Caribbean in 2018, we pledged over $2 million in monetary and in-kind donations to support the communities impacted by the storms.