Sustainability starts here


We are prioritizing and investing in sustainability initiatives across all of our businesses to ensure that we protect the world and its resources for generations to come. For us, sustainability is an opportunity to develop more environmentally-friendly products, invest in renewable energy at scale, conserve and restore carbon-rich environments and reduce our carbon emissions globally.

Investing in Solar Solutions

We’re tackling everything from small residential projects to the largest solar field in the United States to reach for energy from every roof. We are helping homeowners and businesses to generate clean energy and reduce their energy consumption. We’re training the next generation of roofing contractors to ensure they have the skills and resources needed to meet the growing demand for clean energy and powering cities with solar. In partnership with the City of Los Angeles, we recently completed the U.S.’s second-largest solar roof, a 50-acre roof space at the Port of Los Angeles. This historic rooftop solar project will generate enough renewable energy to power nearly 5,000 homes.

Reducing Waste

We are dedicated to leading the way in reducing waste through investing in innovative recycling programs at our plants, in our offices and with our products. Through our zero-waste to landfill facilities, we are able to keep hundreds of tons of waste from landfills each year.

Protecting Nature for Climate

We have partnered with Conservation International and Wildlife Conservation Society to help restore and conserve carbon-rich environments globally. We believe the impact of man-made climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing the world and a significant threat to all businesses. We will continue to change our business practices and invest in partnerships to decrease our carbon footprint.

Carbon Reduction & Reforestation

Trees are an important and effective part of the solution to many critical issues facing the planet. Together with Arbor Day Foundation, we have planted over 14,000 trees throughout North America, helping to remove nearly 80,000 metric tons of carbon emissions.