SGI Recognized for Environmental Excellence

SGI Recognized for Environmental Excellence

Specialty Granules (SGI) has earned gold medals for environmental excellence from the National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association (NSSGA).

Highest environmental honor

In August 2018, two SGI operations were recognized with the Gold Environmental Excellence Award, the highest NSSGA environmental honor. The national award recognizes companies that demonstrate outstanding environmental systems and controls.
SGI operations receiving the honor were the Charmian Plant in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, and the Kremlin Plant in Pembine, Wisconsin.

Going above and beyond

Employees at the Kremlin Plant are trained on air emissions, stormwater pollution prevention, erosion control and waste management. The plant uses sediment traps and vegetative netting to prevent stormwater pollution and soil erosion, and transfers water between seepage ponds to filter solids and clean water. Plant employees have also maintained nearby wetlands.
The Charmian Plant conducts daily compliance audits with its environmental technician, environmental coordinator, and other employees. The plant conducts audits after rain, and commissions a third-party environmental audit every three years. A three-pond system settles solids and clarifies water before it is used for operations or returned to the ponds.


  • Founded in 1923, SGI produces granules for the North American residential and commercial roofing markets.
  • The Kremlin and Charmian plants produce raw granule feedstock that is converted into colored roofing granules.
  • In 2018, every SGI operation earned a Gold, Silver or Bronze award for Environmental, Safety or Community Relations excellence from NSSGA.