Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The Standard Speaker Series features co-CEOs David Winter and David Millstone in conversation with innovators and thought leaders in business, technology, science, economics and culture.

Held at Standard’s New York headquarters and streamed virtually, the discussions address the big ideas shaping our world, from NFTs and the future of media to global citizenship and the post-pandemic economy.

Featured Speakers

Carlo Rovelli on the Future of Theoretical Physics

Standard Industries co-CEO David Millstone sat down with theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli—known for his work on loop quantum gravity, the nature of space and time, and the relational interpretation of quantum theory—for a wide-ranging discussion on how we perceive time, how humanity builds knowledge across disciplines, and how doubt and a willingness to challenge our ideas leads to better outcomes.

Speaker Series

David Millstone and Daniel Lubetzky on what it means to be ‘KIND’ in business