Performance on a World Stage at Moscow’s Park of Legends

Performance on a World Stage at Moscow’s Park of Legends

To satisfy the energy demands at a multi-use international sporting facility, designers turned to Schiedel for a world-class chimney system.

Powering an international arena

The Park of Legends in Moscow is a first-of-its-kind center with three arenas, a hotel, hockey museum and entertainment and residential facilities. Located just a few kilometers from the Kremlin, it hosts major events, including European and world hockey championships.
Developers planned an onsite energy center to provide all the heat, hot water and power for the facility. With the facility’s prominent location and international role, the energy center had to be not only exceptionally reliable but aesthetically pleasing.

Leaders in chimney systems

To deliver a chimney solution for the energy center boilers and gas generators, the developers selected Schiedel, renowned for technical expertise and quality.
The complex project involved two exhaust systems (vacuum and overpressure), six stainless steel chimneys and long horizontal sections (up to 32 meters) with multiple turns requiring a constant slope for condensate drainage. Feeding both systems into a compact, 70-meter tower required extensive planning and a series of non-standard angle connections.


  • The vacuum system includes two 900mm Schiedel ICS chimneys.
  • The overpressure system uses four 950mm Schiedel ICS 5000 chimneys.
  • The Schiedel ICS 5000 withstands pressures to 5000 pascal and is operable at 600°C.